Tuesday, March 4, 2014

There's crazy, and then there's crazy. But then there are chickens.

It's been a long time. Things have been crazy. Well, things are always crazy, but recently they have been exceptionally crazy. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Whenever things get bad, I always crave normalcy. So in the face of everything, we outsourced the chicken run so we could get it finished...

 ...the guy went a little crazy...

 ...and then had six chickens delivered over the weekend (after the crazy rainstorm).

3 - 4-week Easter Eggers
2 - 4-week Black Australorps
1 - 6-week Rhode Island Red

Some of them are a bit tattered due to being beat up on a little before they got here. Yikes. But so far, all but the RIR are doing well and settling in just fine. They sleep in a big pile in the corner of the coop and are getting along.
Unfortunately, the RIR is causing issues... dare I say, she might be a little crazy? I've caught her picking feathers off the others, and last night she pecked at my shoes before flying at my face and then repeatedly flying against the walls of the run. We're going to keep an eye on her and make a call by tonight if she's going to stay or go. Any advice on dealing with an aggressive chicken is appreciated. :-)

And so begins a new adventure!


  1. Yay for chickens! Your setup looks great. It will take them a while to settle into their new home, so I would give them at least two weeks before shipping anyone off. They will develop their own pecking order which can take a couple weeks and they may peck each other until it's all worked out.

    1. Thanks so much for your advice. My concern is that the 2 Easter Eggers who showed up already a bit beat up are now basically completely bald down their backs and while watching them this afternoon, I realized they basically spend all their time trying to eat and drink while running away from the big old RIR. I was also less than pleased (!) when I went into the run tonight to make sure they all made it back into the coop and found the RIR camped out in the doorway, refusing to let anyone else in, so the other 5 were all cheeping their heads off while gathered at the bottom of the ramp. Ever so often, one would try and get pecked. I don't know, she might have to find another home...?