Friday, October 25, 2013

Taking pictures like a big girl

I'm usually too lazy to pull out the DSLR to take pictures for the blog, since my smartphone automatically backs up all my photos. But even my several-years-old camera blows the socks off a cell phone picture any day, so today I decided to take just a few. (Keep in mind, I'm still too lazy to retouch any of them.)

The dew was on the plants, the sky was overcast, and all in all the garden is really coming alive.

Heritage raspberries, growing quite happily on their trellis:
Calendula (pot marigold) brings a shot of sunny color to gray mornings:
 Heirloom Benning's Green Tint pattypan squash. Has decided it's a fall vegetable and not a summer one. :-)

Total experiment: Graffiti purple cauliflower. I have no idea if cauliflower will even grow here. But the purple was so cool:

And who is this guy, hanging out on the last of my basil?


  1. Those raspberries and squash are looking mighty fine!

  2. That bug looks like the basil other bugs in the area.

  3. Gorgeous shots! I really like the one of the purple cauliflower. I hope it grows for you!

    I am in love with my DSLR. I take it everywhere! It is kind of big and cumbersome, but I love the quality of photos it takes so I always haul it around :)