Monday, October 14, 2013

Growing the family

Ever since moving in last fall, we've been slowly but surely chipping away at the previous landscaping -- which basically consisted of 'cheap plants that are green as long as you constantly douse them with sinful amounts of water' -- to make it more drought-friendly, but also more productive. I don't feel quite as bad watering a tree that gives us fruit than I do when watering a tree that doesn't do much of anything and isn't even all that attractive.

We've been on a bit of a spending spree for the past month or so, now that the weather is a little cooler and planting a new tree isn't an automatic death sentence. Meet the latest members of our family:

Our new Haas avocado to keep our Bacon company:

A sweet little bay laurel that traveled all the way down from the Bay Area in my brother's car (why they don't sell them down here I do not know) and hopefully will grow into a more substantial plant that gives us plenty of bay leaves:

A little Mexican lime tree awaiting its final home, the third of four citrus trees we're looking to line our walkway with:

Heritage raspberry brambles to take up residence in the new fancy schmancy trellis that the Irish Boxer Husband built:
The raspberry came from the sweetest old man at the farmer's market who sets out huge plants for only $20. Considering the number of canes shooting up from the pot and the tons of developing fruit still on the vine, the patience-challenged person in me says we got a deal!


  1. How awesome! Many times I find myself wishing I lived in a climate where I could have avocado and lime trees. It would be heaven :)

    PS - So exciting that you are finishing up your chicken coop! It's so hard to just walk by chicks without bringing some home, so I'm impressed with your will power haha.

    1. As funny as it sounds, I often envy your climate too... real seasons... not trying to grow things in what is essentially the desert... trees and creeks?!? ;-)

      I wonder if you could grow citrus if you brought it inside during the winter. The blossoms smell AMAZING.

      Can't wait to bring some chicks home! We were so close to adopting a few, it really took everything I had to walk away...